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Herewith presenting a serie of graphic novels into production.
As soon as one or more of these will be published this wil be available for purchase from http://www.talesofgrapes.org.


Illustrated dramatised story of humanity and the role of human, the effect on the planet into a planetary speeded transformation and adaption of eco systems, animals as humans.

story of souls

each ones flaws - cover page

A humourous and inspiring story to illustrate how raising children and also trying to make a prins or princess of your child as if glamourfull from the beginning makes  the struggle and stribe to become a mature person a real difficult challenge to overcome when trying to detach from education and nice person.

Each Ones flaws.

la planète ses animaux mal content - cover page

Humourously illustrating story of somewhat ecology tumble over to the disruptive side and same time having some suggestive controversial as contradictory concepts of how to look uppon ecology related from the conciousness mindset of animals as persons and persons as animals.

La planète des animauw malcontent

tales of the enlighted Buddha - cover page

Once reaching the state of Buddha one has become happy over life with full contempment.
“Tales of the enlighted Buddha” illustrates onto a humorous, ironic or shocking way how we as humans sometimes should learn lessons of life as a way to look bright and into a process of learning.

Any suggestion, question or offer to collaborate onto a novel as illustrator is welcome.
Feel free sendover a e-mail towards bilderproducts@gmail.com