embedded system & multimedia programming

Troughout the years many product devellopments have been handled going from mechanics towards elektronics or combined, followed by app and software development.

Into the past the full devellopment of a  high speed camera , mechanical analyses of  the wings of airbus planes by fiber optic reflectance measurement.

Nowadays inhouse devellopments take place as the ecomartpen, the innovative elastic toope, egg and hopefully many to follow after true time.

Successful devellopment into mobile developing /IoT expertise over the past 8 years.
Experienced devellopments into +iO/Android/Windows/Mac software and IoT firmware development, especially in the field of multimedia and wireless communication.

“We can take your idea and transform it into a functioning circuit, PCB, firmware/app and Prototype, further mass production if you want. I enjoy using my creative expertise and knowledge to provide clients over upwork, freelancer, toptalent with the best solutions.”

Experienced devellopments into webdesign into java/CC+.


” Acquainted of FFmpeg, AV decoding/encoding/transcoding/streaming and Bluetooth communication and I have mainly developed high-quality video/audio communication services, applications for Live Streaming and Social Network, video/audio streaming player and Bluetooth apps.”

• iOS/Android app

Long term involved of creation of dedicated app into IOS/android of ecosmartpen.



• Visual design
• IoT Prototyping
• Bluetooth communication
• Sensor management
• Firmware Development


• Video encoding & streaming
• Video player
• DLNA & Airplay
• Wireframes
• User research
• IoT prototyping /Bluetooth Expert | Mobile App Developer


• PCB design – detailed component routing and elektronical verification.


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