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look up to the sun bouncing bees • dangeroumously • our world of billions of people • the eastern wind takes it all  beat me • musette  for Vincent Van Gogh  los lobos del lago dark days are over senses get overwhelmed • our hearts are alike •  the world makes us turn round • life as a breeze • to overcome the day brakes drumskiv •  April 4 tribute grace of spring • estimate life • slimsoul • soloslim • when we were together • the gate • release your soul • glowing sunrize • by the time we get to know each one whell • nightlighted • stratopherical aim • lift up your vision • red planet • distance brings love • temper sol • tadike • flow over time • open your eyes revived • time to believe  enlighted moment  infinite waterfall  ultimate love  the wind  brings us  • my only hope • we will overcome •  rush over time – techno version •  rush over time • everything oh everything • unnoticed • open your eyes slowly – transposed • open your eyes slowly • as wonders remain oncethis morning I woke up alone • winter glow • exile before presenceDavid Kozak quintet – Orléans – Night & Day when you came by, it felt soo good  • when it was you, when it was me  •  whenever you feel wrong  •  ouverture opaque 3  • ouverture opaque 2 • ouverture opaque 1 • the highest • straightened believetree’s fell without leaf • mismatch with the sun • nuevo balsa • motives are motions • the air’s absolomous • where to go with my mind? • waving wind trough your heartlove abovefeel like talking to your friend • when I felt aloneeverless repeatbreathless when I was with youshe must be an angel • Birmingham crying • listen to yourself

Blend from classic, jazz, and different styles.
Classical music from romantic composers like Chopin, Debussy, Satie, other.


no woman no cry – Tunesian orchestra

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