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This project is fully managed by bilder productions with by use of google drive, payments by PayPal, product or services granted by various owners or participating partners.

Products like toys, garden goods, instruments, smartphone’s, bicycles, Ecars, hover speed up until drones may be shared within a very easy and versatile walkway.

get in touch  message by WhatsApp

products – laptop digital artistmake magnificent photoplaytime with smartphoneplay pianorecord soundEcar by 2019ride a folding bicycleenjoy home cinemagoogle pixel budslight your pathsegway mini (2p) • measure stepswipe away dust

services – piano lesson • drawing workshop • meet & Greet • cooking class • child play • writing lesson • singing class • China online class

Any questions or propositions, e-mail towards share.local.community@gmail.com and explain interest into any product or service.