Home or company studio photo’s by smartphone and external led lights,
Animations , crafting, artwork,
cupcake’s, hand made objects, juwelery, 3d prints, documents,..
Co creation of econcore, esko and several industrial partners.

Coming 2018 the smartphone base will be available from facebook.
As described below a study of the new design concept onto assisting
imaging as alternative for copy machine’s.
Copy machines are foreseen of many components and use of cartridges
and sometimes are just overdue and to expensive for startup companies.

The aim is to develop a product with a green intake, durable and carbon low,
easy recycable materials, repurchase at low cost.

update oktober 2019

The combination with the IKEA hårte desk light works perfect for illuminating objects beneath.


Beneath some photo’s of study of the concept.
Questions  or business proposals  are welcome by e-mail.

Simulanuous the product idea will be expanded to several variants
like planetary observation on planets like mars, nearby stars, moon,…
Multiple camera posture’s for stereoscopic filming
Smart materials and solar driven electronic hinges.

Questions  or business proposals are welcome by e-mail.

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