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update March 2019

Introduced into some stores to get people familiarise with the use and functionality of this supurb design as innovation.


update Januari 2019

The newest toope fabrication results into supurb mechanical properties with some final minor improvement required onto the colourisation.

The toope website is close of being released.


update December 2018

toope home store come’s gradually to life.



Toope finally fabricated and ready to implement.


update November 2018

Home store toope ready to be fabricated and implemented. 😊

toope - home store board.png


update September 2018

Model protection of toope5 luminous yellow is arranged for Europe for coming five year.

Production of toope5 luminous yellow is running and promised to be finalised by November 2018.

toope 5 luminous yellow


update June 2018

Detailed development of toope elastic  foreseen for 2018.
Packaging, design and material and fabrication have been determined

diverse applications

cv v

v tv de nieuwe




Questions, orders or business proposals relating toope are welcome by e-mail.

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